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Welcome to Canesha

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Welcome to Canesha, where you'll find support for educational programs serving the world's underserved societies. We believe that better education, encouragement and support generates tomorrow's prosperity, happiness and intellectual fulfillment.

That's why our inspiration for the name "Canesha" comes from Ganesha, a god widely revered in the Hindu and Buddhism beliefs as the Remover of Obstacles, Lord of new Beginnings and, Patron of Arts, Science, Intellect and Wisdom.

We strive for those ideals with a clear mission. We want to work with education-based NGOs to create environments where the world's children and young adults can learn, be courious, and thrive in healthy, proactive and sustainable communities. Isn't that what everyone deserves?

Cambodia - Smile of Angkor Children's Village

5 years ago Kimthol (Kim) Yoeun started to give back to the village he was born in. Kim was the only one in his age group who went to college. He became a high school teacher and tour guide in Siem Reap and role model for all of us. His village is 30 miles outside of Siem Reap.

Kim started to meet with the community heads and slowly but surely, with funding from his international contacts, provided not only a better environment for the teacher and schools but also the opportunity for more students to attend high school and evtl. college.   MORE >

Cambodia - Grace House Community Center

Grace House Community Center is a thriving place of activities to help and support the children and their families of a village about 4 miles outside of Siem Reap, the tourist hub to visit the largest ancient religious temple structures worldwide.

Grace House works with a dedicated staff and social workers to create a safe environment for the local community.   MORE > 

Nepal - Nepal Youth Foundation

The Nepal Youth Foundation offers hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them what is every child’s birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment. 

Since 30 years NYF and its founder Olga Murray have been helping Nepalese youth and their families to grow and learn. NYF offers, education, vocational training, career counseling, boarding school, disability programs, provides a program for freedom with their indentured daughters initiatives, nutritional guidance, rehabilitation homes as well as Children's homes and student housing.  MORE >





Over 50% of the population is under 25.

Over 40% of Cambodians live on less than $1.25
a day

of Cambodian children start primary school.
34% start lower secondary school.
Only 20% start upper secondary school.

It is often more beneficial for families to send children out to work than sending them to school. 


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