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About Us

Mike’s diagnosis of Leukemia in 1989 gave Bettina and Mike Jetter a new perspective on life, time, and entrepreneurship, a viewpoint they feel blessed to have acquired. While in recovery, the couple pledged to do what they felt mattered in the world: Build a legacy of positively impacting people's lives. They've succeeded: Check out their other endeavors (Mindjet, The Cancer Code book and Coaching Sanctuary).

As always, the couple intends to live the charter "To do good for others." Bettina and Mike's primary focus is on supporting educational programs to the world's deserving underserved.


The creation of award-winning mind-mapping software, MindManager, and the founding of Mindjet, helping people visualize ideas, and advance organizational planning and workflow collaboration.


Following Mindjet's success, co-authoring the book, "The Cancer Code: How a Journey Through Leukemia Led to Software that Changed the Way People Work". Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and other leading publications.



The development of the life coaching website, Coaching Sanctuary, helping women build lives of purpose and intention.