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Solar Run Clean Water System

As you know, a trip to Cambodia has become part of our travels since we started to be involved in a few projects there. Our last trip was in February, when we visited two schools to see their new clean water system that was just built. Kim, our local contact, has done an amazing job in organizing the project and finished the water towers, the water wells and solar systems to run the water pump on time for the dry season. Having access to clean water is a hugh step for this local community with 1293 families and 5421 inhabitants. Not only for drinking and cooking but students and their families received training on sanitary issues like washing hands, brushing teeth etc, which overall increases their well-being.

There is a third school in the village that still does not have running, clean water. Muk Pen primary school has 319 pupils and we have committed ourselves to raise funds for this third clean water system. The overall costs for this project is $15,000. This is a lot and we can't fund it ourselves so that's where you come in. Please support this cause and give something; $20, $50, $100, of course more is highly appreciated as well. We'll match every dollar you give.

For all of us, water comes out of the faucet, it's convenient, inexpensive and always there. For these kids and their families water is very precious and highly valued. They will get less sick and with improved health they focus better in school and learn more.

Even if your donation is not tax deductible, you are supporting a good cause. 100% of the raised funds will go towards the clean water project. Sending money through PayPal (to is quick and easy.

Best regards,
Bettina & Mike

Mike and Kim inspecting one of the water towers. 

Children using the faucets.