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Nepal Youth Foundation

The Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF), founded by Olga Murray (Honorary President), brings hope to impoverished Nepali children by providing what should be every child's birthright – Freedom, Health, Shelter, and Education.

Based in Sausalito, California, on the edge of the San Francisco Bay they raise funds and provide fiscal and other oversight for their programs in Nepal. Thousands of individual donors and volunteers, private foundations, and local businesses support these efforts. Tens of thousands of children benefit.

Their programs are carried out in Nepal by a highly qualified Nepalese staff. Som Panera, the Executive Director of NYF, the son of a farmer, is a 'product' of NYF's scholarship program many years ago. He lives in Kathmandu and travels to California regularly to work with NYF Board Members and staff. In Nepal, they work closely with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), communities, families, and, of course, lots of kids – who are astonishing with their ability to overcome their difficult pasts.

Samir, Shankar and Santu are three brothers, who lost their mother at childbirth. Their grandparents were unable to care for them and brought them to NYF. 

We provide scholarships for them so they can have a good education, a great learning experience and live in a caring and loving home. All three are very active boys and are thriving in school. 

Check out the NYF website for more in-depth information about their programs.