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Smile of Angkor Children's Village

The village, where Kim grew up, is 30 miles north of Siem Reap. Most tourist stay in Siem Reap to venture out to the Ankor Wat temples structures. For us, 30 miles is not very far. But most of these families only have a bicycle or a motobike and can't afford driving to the city or to Ankor. In fact most of the villagers or children have never visited Ankor, the most important spiritual place in the country. The village has around 1250 families with a total of almost 5,900 residents. Each family has three to four children. They have three primary schools with 1,040 students (Kchheay, Kauk Chrey, Muk Pen) and one high school (Sasarsdam).

The village has a head master and a commitee. Kim works closely with them to determine what are the most needed projects and creates a priority list. He then goes out to his network, including us and raises funds. Because he works also as a tour guide he has international contacts, occasionally he takes the tourists out to visit the schools if interested and weather permitting.

We got to know Kim through Rick and Adrianna from Canada and their non-profit K.I.D.S. Please read more about them on the right hand side.

Clean Water System

For over 1 billion people world-wide water is scarce. This means they do not have access to enough water or they lack access to clean, safe water. The same is true for Cambodian villages. The village head and comittee decided that bringing clean water to the schools is a very important part and contributes overall to the well-being of the entire village.

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Bicycles for students

When students in Cambodia graduate from primary school (6th grade) and they want to continue their education, they often need a bicycle for transportation. If the family cannot afford one, they need to start working, often in another village or even in Thailand. This is a tipping point for a lot of children.

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Ongoing Needs

Clean Water and having bikes are the big projects but most children lack the basic things like shoes (and yes, flip flops are considered shoes), writing and drawing tools, notebooks for school, books, rice to eat and so on.

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Rick and Adrianne are an essential part of our work in Cambodia. They are running projects in South East Asia for more than a decade and established the Canadian non-profit organisation K.I.D.S. in 2004. Every year, during winter time, they spend 3-4 months in Cambodia to visit and supervise their projects. Making sure that the money they raised throughout the year is well spend. They speak Khmer, the local language, which is a huge plus talking to the residents and doing their project management work.

Rick and Adrianne introduced us to Kim and the Angkor Village in 2012. Because of their experience on how things work in Cambodia and their admirable dedication, we believe they are an ideal partner for us. While we intend to visit Cambodia every 1-2 years, we cannot spend the time necessary to oversee bigger projects. So we help them by raising funds for projects they are already doing instead of trying to run them on our own.

You can closely follow their journey in Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma) by reading their blog.